Nataša Nikolov, High-Performance Communication Professional, is the founder of VFA Communications (VFA stands for Verbum Flow Academy) and the author of the “Flow Communication” program. The “Flow Event Management” program and the “Business Flow Communication” program are part of this concept.

With over 17 years of professional experience in the field of communications and event management across various industries, Nataša has honed her skills as a communications professional, public speaking coach, event manager specialist, consultant, mentor, and business coach. She derives special satisfaction from working with people.

For the past seven and a half years, she was part of the Microsoft team in Serbia, organizing various events for both employees and the wider public. She also brings previous experience from the non-governmental sector, where she had the opportunity to work on projects organizing different conferences and events at both the local and regional levels. She particularly enjoys sharing her experience from working in public administration, as well as from her early career in PR and marketing agencies.

Nataša completed her studies in International Relations at the Faculty of Political Sciences and holds a master’s degree from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade. She has also pursued master’s studies at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, specializing in Marketing and Public Relations. However, she takes great pride in her non-formal education. Nataša has completed the London School of PR (PR & Reputation Management) and the Business School of PR (PRA), as well as the NLP Institute Serbia – NLP Business Practitioner. She is a certified Intuitive & Success Coach of the Association for Energy Psychology and is currently a first-year student of Energy Psychology at Kepler Institute.

As a significant part of her life revolves around sports, Nataša is the author of the first and only educational program specifically designed for trainers and fitness instructors– the “Fitness Flow Communication” program, which helps them improve communication with their clients and enhance their training leadership skills (Are you giving exercises or leading a training?).

You may always connect with her on LinkedIn or Instagram.

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Prijava za Online program

"Flow Event Management"

Dobro došli na stranicu za prijavu za intenzivni online program “Flow  Event Management”, edukaciju o organizaciji i upravljanju  događajima. 

Online program “Flow Event Management“ vaša znanja o organizaciji  i upravljanju događajima unapređuje na jedan sveobuhvatan način,  gde god da se nalazite, i u vreme koje vama najviše odgovara. 

Program počinje 7.11.2023. godine.
Cena online programa iznosi 165 eur*. 
Prijave su otvorene do 5.11.2023. godine.  

Radujemo Vam se!
VFA Communications tim

*Nakon prijave, u roku od 24h dobićete imejl sa daljim instrukcijama.
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Prijava za posebnu ponudu

“Flow Event Management“ + Business Coaching 1 on 1

Dobro došli na stranicu za prijavu za posebnu ponudu – “Flow Event Management“ + Business Coaching 1 on 1. Odaberite paket i način plaćanja koji vama odgovara!

Online program počinje 7.11.2023. godine. Termini za koučing dogovaraju se individualno.

Pogledajte ponudu online program “Flow Event Management“ i business koučing 1 na 1 u trajanju od tri meseca u dva paketa:

  1. PAKET br 1 (Flow Event Management + koučing)
    Za 1 susret mesečno, ukupno 3 susreta – 365 eur (vrednost paketa je 405 eur)
  2. PAKET br 2 (Flow Event Management + koučing)
    Za 4 susreta mesečno, ukupno 12 susreta – 905 eur (vrednost paketa je 945 eur)

Način plaćanja:

Jednokratna uplata za online program u iznosu od 125 eur, do 5.10.2023. godine i uplatom za business koučing 1 na 1, iz 3 dela do 1. u mesecu:

PAKET br 1

  1. deo – 80 eur
  2. deo – 80 eur
  3. deo – 80 eur

PAKET br 2

  1. deo – 260 eur
  2. deo – 260 eur
  3. deo – 260 eur

Za uplate u celosti do 5.10.2023. godine, možete ostvariti dodatni popust! 

PAKET br 1 – 320 eur (uštedite ukupno 85 eur)
PAKET br 2 – 785 eur (uštedite ukupno 160 eur)

Odaberite paket:
Odaberite način plaćanja:

*Nakon prijave, u roku od 24h dobićete imejl sa daljim instrukcijama.
Hvala vam na poverenju.