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VFA Communications is providing educational and consulting services through its services as well as membership on its learning platform.

VFA Communications is committed to protecting users’ privacy and addressing potential privacy concerns. The following information has been posted to help you, the visitor on our website, understand what private information we collect and how your information is used.

Types of private information collected

To best serve your needs, we collect the following types of information when you visit

Personal information

We collect the following personal information from our users:

  • Name
  • Email address

Note: However, omitting some of this personal information may limit your ability to access all of the benefits of our website and services.

Automatically collected information

We automatically collect data on how you visit, such as your IP address, location, browser, browser language, operating system, device identifiers and cookies.

Our website currently uses cookies to enhance its functionality. You may disable cookies in your web browser, but this may limit your ability to access

Policy on collecting sensitive personal information

VFA Communications does not gather any of your sensitive personal information, such as your ID number, social security number, driver’s license number, race, ethnicity, religion, health metrics, political associations or details on your criminal background.

How the information collected is used

We only use your personal information to help you utilize everything VFA Communications has to offer. This includes:

  • Fulfilling customer service requests
  • Communicating our sales and promotions
  • Contacting you regarding updates to our company policies
  • Making all of our services available to you in a convenient manner
  • Evaluating analytics to see how our uses engage with our website
  • Information security

We do our best to keep your private information secure and safe. Most of your personal information is encrypted and is therefore protected from being accessed by outside users. However, data leaks and malicious attacks do happen. Please understand that while we do our best to protect your data, providing your personal information is at your own risk.

Ability to decline to provide personal information

You can, of course, decline to disclose your personal information to us. However, the failure to provide us with pertinent information may limit your ability to fully benefit from VFA Communications services and all of our offerings. Remember, we only ask for personal information that can help us fully provide our services to our users.

Additional questions

If you have questions regarding this privacy policy, feel free to contact us at A company representative will respond to your privacy policy questions as soon as possible.

Policy updates

This privacy policy was last updated in September 2023. If we adjust the privacy policy, we will email all account holders of this change and post the most recent update date here. Once posted, the new privacy policy shall be effective immediately.

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Prijava za Online program

"Flow Event Management"

Dobro došli na stranicu za prijavu za intenzivni online program “Flow  Event Management”, edukaciju o organizaciji i upravljanju  događajima. 

Online program “Flow Event Management“ vaša znanja o organizaciji  i upravljanju događajima unapređuje na jedan sveobuhvatan način,  gde god da se nalazite, i u vreme koje vama najviše odgovara. 

Program počinje 7.11.2023. godine.
Cena online programa iznosi 165 eur*. 
Prijave su otvorene do 5.11.2023. godine.  

Radujemo Vam se!
VFA Communications tim

*Nakon prijave, u roku od 24h dobićete imejl sa daljim instrukcijama.
Hvala vam na poverenju.

Prijava za posebnu ponudu

“Flow Event Management“ + Business Coaching 1 on 1

Dobro došli na stranicu za prijavu za posebnu ponudu – “Flow Event Management“ + Business Coaching 1 on 1. Odaberite paket i način plaćanja koji vama odgovara!

Online program počinje 7.11.2023. godine. Termini za koučing dogovaraju se individualno.

Pogledajte ponudu online program “Flow Event Management“ i business koučing 1 na 1 u trajanju od tri meseca u dva paketa:

  1. PAKET br 1 (Flow Event Management + koučing)
    Za 1 susret mesečno, ukupno 3 susreta – 365 eur (vrednost paketa je 405 eur)
  2. PAKET br 2 (Flow Event Management + koučing)
    Za 4 susreta mesečno, ukupno 12 susreta – 905 eur (vrednost paketa je 945 eur)

Način plaćanja:

Jednokratna uplata za online program u iznosu od 125 eur, do 5.10.2023. godine i uplatom za business koučing 1 na 1, iz 3 dela do 1. u mesecu:

PAKET br 1

  1. deo – 80 eur
  2. deo – 80 eur
  3. deo – 80 eur

PAKET br 2

  1. deo – 260 eur
  2. deo – 260 eur
  3. deo – 260 eur

Za uplate u celosti do 5.10.2023. godine, možete ostvariti dodatni popust! 

PAKET br 1 – 320 eur (uštedite ukupno 85 eur)
PAKET br 2 – 785 eur (uštedite ukupno 160 eur)

Odaberite paket:
Odaberite način plaćanja:

*Nakon prijave, u roku od 24h dobićete imejl sa daljim instrukcijama.
Hvala vam na poverenju.